Rahasia Ka'bah | Fakta

Rahasia Ka'bah | Fakta - Saksikan…. Maaf tidak ada subtitle Indonesia
In this movie different holy mysteries and myths are proved with the accordance of Scientific principles. In one part of the movie the Miracles of the City of Makkah are discussed. In mathematics their is a Golden Mean number 1,618 which is a ratio. All the organisms in this world, the world itself, this universe, and the galaxies in this universe are all made precisely with this ratio 1,618. The usage of this ratio in everything is a prove that all the things are created by one God. All the scientific proves are given in this movie. In this movie it is proved that the Golden Mean center of this earth is the City of Makkah, and the mean of City of Makkah is the Holy Kabbah.


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